Ms Harriet Marwood -Professional Disciplinarian and Spankologist


The Governess, Ms Harriet Marwood, has been providing strict but caring, no-nonsense Spanking Discipline in the warmth and privacy of her New York City residence for many years. If you prefer the old-fashioned style scolding and spanking session to the fetish dungeon experience, it doesn’t get much better than Ms Harriet Marwood.

Ms Marwood is an expert at punishing a naughty boy’s bottom with the hairbrush, belt, leather strap, paddle, crop, cane, and of course her bare hand. Birching is available upon request – however, you will be required to supply your own birch branches.

Ms. Marwood corrects the misdeeds of her boys in the homey comfort and upscale privacy of her Manhattan apartment. Discretion is assured… and expected from you as well. Since she only receives a maximum of 4 visitors per week, you must arrange your time with her in advance. A phone interview must be scheduled to assess the compatibility of mutual interests.

Ms Marwood is not a part of any public spanking or bdsm “scene” and, like you, leads a normal, “vanilla” lifestyle . She is not the kind of lady who sits in a room all day, waiting for gentlemen to call. Her diverse, demanding, and artistic lifestyle only enhances the experiences you will have when/if you are welcomed into her home, but you must also expect that you will have to schedule your visits a minimum of 48 hours ahead of time.

*Ms Marwood lives in a very discreet and upscale location and is extremely particular about the people she will invite into her home for corrective measures. Demonstrating that you are an earnest, presentable, and responsible gentleman will go a long way in earning yourself such an invitation.

To contact Ms Marwood, you are welcome to call the number provided here, but an email letter of introduction first is highly recommended

(212) 501-6748

To email Ms. Marwood, write a polite, articulate description of the type of disciplinary experience you are seeking to:


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